Meet our team!

The faces behind Simplified., how to get in touch and how we got started.

How We Started, Simplified.

The Simplified. team met during their first year of study at Victoria University of Wellington. Upon discovering that a) most of them lived in the same hall of residence and b) they all had a passion for youth involvement in politics, a common project was a no-brainer. Enter: Simplified.

We felt that our civics education in the New Zealand curriculum wasn't exactly sufficient...or even existent for some of us! Our goal is to create a civics education platform for the youngest voting demographic (18-25), focusing especially on high school leavers and university freshers. We aim to make content which is easy to understand and entertaining to watch.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or critiques, we'd to love to hear it! Get in touch via the contact addresses below or through our Facebook messages.



One of our presenters, Alex's lovely face helps to communicate our content out in our videos. Alex is a law and arts student who has a passion for getting youth involved in politics. You'll often find him getting far too excited about upcoming member's bills. He's also a Creative Director and Script Writer.

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Our media extraordinaire, Sam takes care of all things technical - from sound and lighting to directing. Studying film and theater, Sam's well-equipped to be our Media Director and Video & Graphics Editor. He enjoys testing the boundaries with our visual content and has a knack for finding unique video set ups.

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Our key reactive script writer, Tim helps to keep Simplified. up-to-date with the daily political advances.  As a presenter, his friendly face helps to communicate our video content. A politics and economics student, Tim gets all the fun of being a commerce and arts student, hence why he heads up Simplified's funds, as well as being a Creative Director.

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Often seen in front of the camera, Niva is one of our core video presenters. She currently studies politics, media and Spanish and enjoys writing content for all of Simplified.'s platforms. You'll frequently find her talking off some poor person's ear about politics. She's also a Creative Director and Script Writer.

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The creative whizz behind our logos and graphic design, Tahlia is Simplified's graphic designer. She takes care of everything from our logos to custom drawings and anything else the creative team can throw at her. A talented design student, Tahlia also completes freelance graphic design projects in her spare time.

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