Parties, the most visible sign of politics for most of us.

Below you’ll find an in-depth look at how our parties came to be and what they look like now.

National Party

The National Party centres around the belief that a healthy economy is the foundation of a healthy way to run the country.

Labour Party

Since its creation from trade unions during WWI, the New Zealand Labour Party views people as the most important aspect of Aotearoa, and endeavours to consider Kiwis first when making policy decisions.

New Zealand First Party

The New Zealand First Party aims to hold Parliament to account with the direction of our country, making sure Kiwis and New Zealand as a nation are put first.

Green Party of Aotearoa

Like their name, the Green Party of Aotearoa have environmental matters at the heart of their decisions.

ACT Party

Originally started to ensure that public policy is properly implemented, the ACT Party’s key belief is on individuality and a reduced role of government.

Māori Party

The Māori Party seeks to have Māori at the forefront of its leadership and Māori interests at the forefront of their policy.

The Opportunities Party (TOP)

At the heart of The Opportunities Party is the belief that politicians should be striving to do the best for Kiwis, regardless of which party they are in.

New Conservatives Party

Having a strong, equal democracy where everyone plays a part in keeping our country united are key values of the New Conservative Party.

Sustainable New Zealand Party

Created to ensure our environment is kept top priority, Sustainable New Zealand are one of the newest parties in Aotearoa.