Reactive Videos

Here you'll find an easy explanation of the latest political headlines from all over NZ. We take trending political stories and sort them into a quick and simple videos.

Political Lifelines

14 September 2020
Having trouble deciding who to vote for this October? Well we have a few resources that might be able to help you out!

Green School Funding

04 September 2020
Hang on, which school did the Greens give $11.7m to? And why are opposition MPs (and some Greens) so ticked off by it?

Dr. Bloomfield's Labour Video Cameo

31 August 2020
Labour recently featured the ever-popular Dr. Ashley Bloomfield in one of their social media videos, much to the Opposition’s dismay. But why was this such an issue, and why have they since taken the video down?

The General Election Date Change

21 August 2020
The election date has been moved - but why? And when are we voting now?

The Dissolution of Parliament

16 August 2020
Covid is back and Parliament hasn’t been dissolved. But what does this mean and what’s going to happen to election campaigns?

Who is Judith Collins?

24 July 2020
Judith Collins takes the reins. She’s moving into the outside lane. Will she take the title of Prime Minister? Only an election will be able to tell. Check out National’s new (new) leader here.

Covid-19 Leak

14 July 2020
Todd Muller might be gone, but let's not forget the hot water National was in last week; here is the Covid-19 Leak.

Party Lists

3 July 2020
In politics, party lists mean more than the 40 mates you want round your flat on a Saturday night. With the major parties dropping their starting line-ups in the lead up to election time, check out party lists.

Public Health Response Act

19 June 2020
You may (or may not have) heard an act was passed during lockdown allowing police to enter our homes without a warrant.The act isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s good to know what’s up.

Who is Todd Muller?

9 June 2020
Todd who? Who's Muller? We all have a lot of catching up to do on National’s new leader.